Secret stories & insights from the audio industry

Behind every big music artist is a team of unsung heroes. They work behind the curtain to create the music you love. We tell the stories of these #UnsungHeroes with a weekly podcast and curated articles. 100% free!

Audio engineer in the studio

The concept

You might not realize it. But the music you love and listen to every day has gone through the hands of multiple specialized writers, producers, engineers and more before it gets released. These #UnsungHeroes make the music you love and listen to every day a reality - but no-one tells their story. What does it take to make a top-50 hit? What's it like working with Adele, Ed Sheeran or indie artists? What happens in those mysterious dark studio dens? We want to tell their story and give them the recognition they deserve.

  • Stories & insights from the studio. All non-technical.
  • New episode & content every week.
  • From both world-class and upcoming industry people.

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